About Zipper

About Zipper
Urogynecology Associates

Zipper Urogynecology is one of the nation's most influential urogynecology providers. With offices along the East Coast of Florida in both Vero and Melbourne, the urogynecology team offers leading edge treatments for female bladder and bowel control conditions.

ZUA offers the full spectrum of urogynecology services. We are among the nation's leaders in many services performing almost 1,000 incontinence and prolapse procedures each year.

Zipper Urogynecology strives to make your evaluation and treatment as pleasant and comfortable as possible. You will immediately notice that our facility is not the typical "doctor's office." If you are looking for serious faces, white lab coats, neck-ties, and lots of medical jargon, you probably should look elsewhere. We strive to deliver the nation's best urogynecology services in a comfortable and casual environment.

Discreet & Private

At ZUA we’re in the business of giving you your life back, not making a scene. Simply schedule your annual pelvic health exam and we’ll get down to the nitty gritty once you’re here in the comfort of our office.

Our goal is to restore a patient's quality of life. For each patient, that means something different.

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Urogynecology Education

We are dedicated to helping women lead better lives. The information on this site is provided to help you understand the numerous disorders of the pelvic floor and make educated decisions about treatment.

We cover many topics in great detail; however there is no substitute for a private consultation.

First Visit

The first thing you will notice is that Zipper Urogyn is like no other medical office. You won't find white walls or lab coats. You will however find an office full of caring smiles.

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Travel Support

Our policy is to make getting to our office as easy as possible. We are here to help with travel arrangements, accommodations and even a little sightseeing.

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Blogs & More

We want to keep you informed. This is a great place to learn about new treatments, inventions, cool things in the world of pelvic medicine and Zipper Urogyn in the news.

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