Vaginal Surgery


Vaginal surgeries are those surgeries performed through vaginal incisions. Unlike abdominal surgeries that allow the surgeon to see what they are doing, vaginal surgery is done, in large part, by feel. Vaginal surgery is a perhaps more of an art than it is a science. Expert vaginal surgeons are a rare breed. They possess a combination of decades of experience and a unique ability to create a 3D mental mental image of anatomy based on touch. Although experts may be difficult to find, it may be worth your time to do some exploring. In the hands of the right expert, vaginal surgery, without mesh, is the safest route for the treatment of most types of pelvic organ prolapse.

The recent awaking of the medical world to the severe complications of vaginal mesh surgery has caused all specialists to critically review the literature. What we have learned is that native tissue vaginal surgeries (vaginal surgeries utilizing your own tissue and no implants) are safer than and no less effective than implant surgeries such as vaginal mesh. Over the last decade the Zipper Urogyn team has worked extensively to improve on native tissue vaginal surgeries. Some of these improvements utilize energy to stimulate the growth of new collagenous support. We are the inventors of Thermal Colporraphy™, Incisionless Vaginal Rejuvenation®, and have numerous patents on energy based vaginal surgery.


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