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Are you self-conscious about your appearance downstairs? Enlarged labias or inner genital lips can really effect a woman’s self-confidence and even cause physical hindrance. Enlarged labias may be the result of age, childbirth, sexual intercourse, or even be genetic. Whether you are concerned about the appearance of your vagina, or you’ve experienced a loss of sexual satisfaction, labiaplasty may be a cosmetic surgery solution for you. With state-of-the-art technology at his fingertips, Dr. Zipper will get you and your partner back beneath the sheets, or on top of them, in no time at all.

At Zipper Urogyn our goal is to improve your appearance giving you the confidence necessary for a great sex life and the comfort necessary for wearing sexy clothes. There is no need for women to be ashamed or feel uncomfortable about their appearance.

Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that provides women the ability to reshape or reduce the size of her labia. Dr. Zipper has pioneered a patent pending method of labiaplasty, known as the Diamond Labiaplasty. This groundbreaking plasma energy technology decreases the size and improves the shape of the labia in a short outpatient surgical procedure.

Dr. Zipper utilizes plasma energy as his primary tool in performing the diamond Labiaplasty procedure. This unique method has been demonstrated to cause less trauma and more invisible scars then both old-fashioned scalpel surgery and newer laser Labiaplasty techniques.




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