"Zipper recently named number one implanter of Interstim in the world by Medtronic."

InterStim, also referred to as sacral nerve stimulation or neuromodulation, is a tiny pacemaker-like device placed deep beneath the fatty tissue of the upper buttock. This little pacemaker sends gentle calming impulses to the sacral nerves responsible for both bladder and bowel control. Interstim has been used since 1997 for bladder control and received FDA approval for the treatment of fecal incontinence in 2011. Approximately 75% of women with fecal incontinence not responding to pharmacotherapy and diet will respond to Interstim.

A great quality of this treatment option is that you are able to try a temporary one before you commit to the implant procedure. You will wear a temporary gentle nerve stimulator on your waist for two days. If the two-day test results in a significant improvement in your symptoms, we will then proceed to place the Interstim device with great confidence. The implantation procedure is completed in approximately fifteen minutes under gentle sedation. As noted above, our team is among the most experienced InterStim implant teams in the world and our entire staff is trained in InterStim management.


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