Popular TV Star Opens Up on Pelvic Pain

Television star Zosia Mamet recently shared her personal struggle with chronic pelvic pain. The actress reported that for six years, she endured pain in the pelvic region that went undiagnosed by healthcare providers. Meanwhile, it wreaked havoc on her life. Zosia describes the pain and discomfort by saying, “For six years, it felt like I had the worst UTI of my life.”

A Reality for Women Everywhere

Unfortunately, Zosia’s experience is one that countless women understand far too well. At Zipper Urogynecology, we routinely meet with patients that describe living with the following symptoms: pain with intercourse, a burning sensation in the vagina, frequency of urination, and more. Often, these women have been through rounds of testing but with no conclusive diagnosis from their general doctor. This lack of diagnosis – and effective treatment – can be incredibly frustrating. Illustrating this fact, Zosia describes herself as wanting, “a UTI like a kid wants a puppy for Christmas.” She was searching for a concrete diagnosis that could point her down the path of proper treatment.

Pelvic pain that is ongoing and seems to be difficult to diagnose is a key concern in the field of urogynecology. We have seen first-hand the impact that this trying condition can have on a woman’s personal life, social calendar, and intimacy.

Pelvic Pain – Not Just a Symptom of Aging

One of the more interesting lessons to be learned from Ms. Mamet’s truthful revelation is the fact that pelvic pain can affect women of all ages. Zosia is 29 years old – a far cry from the late middle-aged, post-menopausal women that is often first picked to be suffering from pelvic problems.

Pelvic floor dysfunction – an umbrella term for a variety of conditions that can lead to chronic pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, urinary frequency, and more – is not only caused by advancing age. A variety of factors can raise the risk factor of pelvic floor dysfunction in younger women, including participation in high impact sports (such as horseback riding or gymnastics), childbirth, trauma to the pelvic region, strain from unsafe lifting habits, and more.

So never make the mistake of thinking that you are ‘too young’ to be suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction. The condition can affect women of any age.

Chronic Pelvic Pain – Not a Figment of Your Imagination

One of the most frustrating things to hear as a sufferer of chronic pain is that the problem is ‘all in your head.’ Sometimes doctors unable to generate a conclusive diagnosis will place the blame on the patient – saying that the pain is stemming from a mental origin such as stress, fear, anxiety. Zosia is quoted as saying that several doctors told her the only thing she could do to manage the condition was to “learn how to self-soothe.”

At Zipper Urogynecology, we believe that chronic pelvic pain is not just a figment of your imagination. We have decades of experience and the most innovative techniques and treatment options to find the path toward remedying chronic pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, frequent urination and other pelvic floor problems.

For some women, including Zosia, pelvic floor physiotherapy is the key to treating chronic pelvic pain. This targeted form of physical therapy works to strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles or relax those that are overly tight – providing relief for many women.  At Zipper Urogynecology, we also utilized different types of lasers to treat specific disorders associated with pelvic pain.

The important thing is not to give up on finding help for chronic pain of any sort, including chronic pelvic pain. The key is having the right partner in your healthcare treatment. The team at Zipper Urogynecology works tirelessly to treat conditions that other doctors have said are untreatable. When it comes to chronic pelvic pain, we will keep searching for the answer that is right for you as long as you’re willing to continue down the road toward relief!

We’re happy for the relief that Zosia Mamet has found from chronic pelvic pain, and we want that same sense of relief for all women suffering from this difficult condition. Set yourself free from frequent urination, painful intercourse, and constant pain. Make an appointment today and envision a pain-free future tomorrow.

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