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– Candace Tells Her Story

“As the primary caregiver for three medically-challenged people, I have experience with many practitioners throughout Brevard County and beyond, including the Mayo Clinic and Shands. Zipper Urogynecology is the best run practice I’ve experienced hands down. Staff is friendly, but professional and helpful, appointments are timely kept and never rushed, treatment options are offered and explained, and the facility, the staff knowledge, and the available treatments are all maintained at state-of-the-art levels. The rater of Oct. 22, 2014 must have confused Dr. Zipper with someone else. I highly recommend this practice.”

– D. Morris

“Dr. Zipper and his staff set a standard that other physicians should strive for. From the moment I walked in I new I was in a very special place. This is a place dedicated to care. I can’t remember the last time a felt like a doctor really knew what they were doing. I have been to others that wanted to rush me to surgery. After I was done explaining my unusual symptoms to Dr Zipper, he said “We will get you fixed and without surgery”. … and he did. If you want to feel like an important patient and not a number, go here. If you want someone who I really believe is a national champion, go here. Thanks Dr. Z. You gave me my life back.”

– Posted on RateMDs.com

“I was in severe pain for nearly a year. I could not sit down, ride a bike or do certain exercises without experiencing terrible pain. I had seen several Doctors, including an Orthopedic Specialist. I had MRIs and xrays. I was told nothing is wrong. I was emotionally ready to give up. My husband told me my problem may be from the female surgery I had approximately 2 yrs. ago. I felt is was important to find a specialist outside of my area, as the GYN that did the surgery was highly recommended by my Family Doctor. I did research and I came across Dr. Ralph Zipper, Urogyn in Melbourne, Florida. I scheduled an appt. My problems were/are from the surgery 2 yrs. Dr. Zipper has removed mesh and he has repaired areas of failed prolapse surgery. I had no idea my problems were related to the mesh. I am extremely, greatful. I am getting better every day. I encourage you to choose Dr.Zipper. I am very confident you will be as pleased as I am. Dr. Zipper’s staff are the finest around.”

– Posted on RateMDs.com

“On my first visit to Zipper Urogynecology I also saw a physician assistant. Her name was Jennifer. She was wonderful. Even though I was there for problems controlling my bowels, Jennifer noticed I was on bladder medications. She ordered three different tests to be done of two visits. The last test was done by Dr. Zipper himself. Dr. Zipper spent almost an hour with me going over everything. He really helped me understand the causes of my problems and my treatment choices. Now, three months later I am off my bladder medicine that was drying my mouth out and I have complete control of my bowel and bladder. Dr. Zipper gave me my life back. Three different doctors recommended Dr. Zipper. One of them was my husband. I understand why. I feel bad for the woman who responded below who was so focused on the $500. I saw the same thing on my bill. As my husband is a doctor, I know doctors only get a small fraction of what that insurance bill shows. I also would have paid 5 times that much for what he gave me back, my dignity.”

– Posted on RateMDs.com

“Great place, great staff. Very polite. Very helpful. The environment is clean and I felt great afterwards. I was given as much information as I needed. Great people!”

– C. Milano

“Dr. Raders is very patient and understanding. He is very knowledgeable and caring. He made an uncomfortable situation much easier.”

– E. Clarif

“Jennifer is great. I would not go to any other urogynecology PA. She is very patient, friendly, and caring.”

– L. Kippeny

“Dr. Zipper and his staff are the kindest and most professional people I have ever met.”

– M. Perryman

“Dr. Lorraine has been one of the best physicians I have ever worked with. She makes me feel very comfortable during all appointments. She is so enjoyable to work with. Her pelvic floor therapy has been so amazing it has changed my life! Thank you!”

– K. Lamane


– L. Blackbrion

“Dr. Raders is a very thorough and gentle person. I will recommend him to anyone who needs a doctor.”

– S. Hunt

“Dr. Raders was very patient and kind while explaining my medical condition. He makes you feel at ease.”

– P. Murgo

“Dr. Raders made what could have been very stressful experience into an enjoyable and educational visit. Awesome place and physician.”

– J. Pannucci

“I saw three surgeons who told me they could not help me with my mesh complication. I saw a fourth surgeon, Dr. Zipper. I now have my life back. I wish I would have met him five years ago. I am forever grateful to him and his wonderful staff.”

– S. Gold

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